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Are you a school or travel agent interested in learning more about the Future Global Leaders Program? We can work with any school or agency to design, build and execute your program itinerary. We are based in Boston but also have programs in Orlando and Washington D.C., as well as an Ivy League Explorer Program. Click these links to find a Sample FGLP Itinerary and Sample FGLP Activities. Are you looking for a low cost itinerary that provides a high level of interaction and the chance to see many of Boston's best sites? View our Standard FGLP Itinerary.

FGLP is more than just a sightseeing trip. We design our programs so that throughout their visit participants can develop valuable life lessons, explore a new culture, develop global partnerships, and learn how to become global leaders. Each program is catered to the interests and goals of our clients. Some other ways that we add value to our programs include:

  • English Immersion: our lectures, classes and visits are primarily in English. Our Trip Leaders, many of whom are experienced ESL teachers, lead daily communication exercises and interact with the participants throughout the program. Our Trip Leaders are teachers, mentors and friends, not just tour guides.
  • More than the "Must-See" Sites: we know – and will visit – the famous sites, but we work hard to find educational and fun ways for our participants to learn more about the daily life and culture of the places they visit.
  • Local Contacts: our staff has lived and worked in our FGLP cities for years. We know the people, places and things that every visit would not be complete without.
  • Interaction with American Students: each of our programs offers a chance to meet with American university or high school students on campus tours, meals or even shopping trips. We believe this is an integral part of the cultural exchange experience and have witnessed our participants form lasting global partnerships.
  • Opportunities for Growth: our participants speak highly of the lessons they have learned, the people they have met and the experiences that they will bring home with them. Some of our primary goals include fostering personal growth, global awareness and confidence in our participants' ability to be future leaders.

We take pride in our staff because they genuinely care about international education, travel and different cultures. Our Trip Leaders and Coordinators are not just Tour Guides. These rock stars are invested in making our participants’ trips a once-in-a-lifetime experience because they have taught in other countries, have lived abroad, can speak other languages and enjoy working with students.
  • 90% have lived, studied and/or worked outside of the US in other countries
  • 69% of our staff have lived in Japan
  • 75% can speak another language other than English
  • 50% have worked as teachers in Japan
  • Here are some of the universities that our staff have graduated from:
    • Amherst College
    • Boston University
    • Columbia University
    • Doshisha University
    • Georgetown University
    • Kenyon College
    • Princeton University
    • Tufts University

FGLP Today

While we are always looking to work with other countries, we are currently working with primarily Japanese and American high school and university students. As part of our emphasis on experiencing other cultures firsthand, we encourage our participants to first examine their own culture and how they are perceived in the globalized world. Are there more similarities or differences between these two cultures? Nothing will challenge your preconceived notions about your own culture, other cultures, and even yourself than learning abroad. We equip FGLP participants with as much information as possible to help facilitate these important questions. What do you think you know about Japan? Read more in "Cultural Differences Between the U.S and Japan." And what do you think you know about America? Read more in "American Cultural Traits, Values and Assumptions." Do you agree or disagree? Your FGLP trip will challenge you to reassess these assumptions and find your own place within the globalized world.

Sample 8-Day Itinerary

Morning (AM):
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Check into Hotel/Dorm in Boston MIT Campus Tour
MIT Coop
University Class
Harvard Museum of Natural History
Company Visit
Lunch with University Students
Explore Copley Square
Prudential SkyWalk
MIT Museum and Workshop Harvard Campus Tour
Harvard Coop
Guided Tour Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8
Morning (AM): State House Tour
Freedom Trail
Service Learning
Fenway Park Tour
Private Lecture Departure from Boston
Afternoon (PM): Lunch/Free Time in Quincy Market
Boston Tea Party Museum
Free Time to Explore Boston Panel Discussion with University Students
Dinner with University Students
**Click the links above for individual activity descriptions

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