Harvard and MIT Coops

Students started the Coop (Harvard Cooperative Society) back in 1882. The Coop was founded by a group of Harvard students and established as a cooperative. In the beginning, the Coop was simply a place to buy books, school supplies and coal and wood for those cold Cambridge winters. In 1916, when MIT moved from Boston to Cambridge, The Coop was invited, by a committee of the Technology Alumni Council and joined by the then president of the Institute, Dr. R. C. Maclaurin, to establish a branch store at MIT (The Technology Store), and has been on the MIT campus ever since. The Coop has grown into one of America's largest college bookstores; stocked with almost everything you'll need on or off campus.

Both the MIT and Harvard Coops are also one of FGLP participants favorite places to shop, loading up on sovereigns to bring home with them.

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