Private Lectures

Adz Group works with many faculty and staff members who are affiliated with several top-tier Boston area universities such as: Harvard, MIT, Tufts University, Boston University, Northeastern University and Simmons College.

An example of some university affiliated faculty and staff we have worked with include:

  • A former Astronaut who is now an Aeronautics professor at MIT.
  • A professor of Comparative Media Studies and Head of the Foreign Languages Department at MIT.
  • A researcher at MIT who works on the discovery of antibiotics.
  • A PhD student in Harvard University’s Organismic and Evolutionary Biology department who studies fish biomechanics.
  • A senior research scientist in Harvard University’s Engineering department who is an expert in using robotic insects for research.
  • A director at Harvard’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs who has written widely on written widely on Japan and East Asia.
  • A lecturer at Harvard who is an expert on audio architectural design.
  • An astrophysicist at Harvard who has been cited on TV as an expert in his field.
  • A professor for Northeastern University in International Relations.
  • A Professor of Management at Simmons College who specializes in leadership and team building with a special focus on women in business.
  • A professor at Boston University’s Department of Earth & Environment.
  • A lecturer at Tufts University and Northeastern University who teaches about Japanese popular culture.

NOTE: The Lecturers’ availability is limited and no specific lecturer can be guaranteed for a particular program.

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